Girelli Alcool has been working since 1948 in the field of ethyl, methyl and isopropyl alcohol, with an internal denaturation plant authorized by the Customs Agency. For each of these products' many fields of application - from chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to cosmetics, to the production of inks and paints, to the food industry, where they are employed in the production of liquors, vegetal extracts and for baking - we offer all possible formulations: from the standard ones to personalized blends, up to products specifically developed for customers to fulfill specific needs.

Girelli Alcool matches such a vast product range with extreme attention to a couple of essential parts of this job: service and consulting. As for the latter, we have an experience formed over more than sixty years, which has allowed us to develop blends and formulations for applications and needs of all kinds; as for the former, on the other hand, we offer extremely fast production and delivery times over the whole Country.


Pure and denatured ethyl alcohol, also in special formulations

The Girelli Alcool's ethyl alcohol obtained from the fermentation and distillation of vegetable product and is used in a wide range of industrial sectors. The first important division is that linked to the fact that it is used pure - as required by the food and pharmaceutical industry - or denatured, and therefore not subject to specific taxation by the European Union, for all other uses. Girelli Alcool has every kind and concentration of ethyl alcohol.

Bioethanol from natural fermentation

Bioethanol is a pure fuel of biological nature, optimized for bio-fireplaces and biostufe without chimney.

Pure Isopropyl Alcohol is conformed by the current European Pharmacopoeia, for all uses.

Pure isopropyl alcohol is a product derived from propylene; for its use is required a specific authorizatio, it is issued by the Customs Agency. It is used in pure form, in sectors ranging from detergency, in printing, in cosmetics and in pharmaceuticals.

High-quality methanol, compliant with the current European Pharmacopoeia, for all uses.

Methyl alcohol, or methanol, is a product of methane synthesis, which has exclusively industrial applications, or in modeling. It is used in ironworks, in the chemical industry and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mixtures are based on ethyl alcohol, methyl and isopropyl are for all industrial uses.

There are numerous specific formulas that may be needed by customers in the most diverse fields of industrial activity. Girelli Alcool develops and produces, both on request and on customer specifications, mixtures formulated for special needs. We could give our experience gained over the years, and studying new compositions for the cosmetic sector, detergency and flexographic printing.

Pure acetone, ethyl acetate, isobutyl alcohol and numerous solvents for the flexographic printing industry.

The role of solvents in the industrial field is to reduce the viscosity of film-forming polymeric compounds, or even to dissolve the resins and oils to which they are added.

Nitromethane is for fuel mixtures and for the modeling industry.

Nitromethane is a colorless nitrocomposite with a very recognizable smell, which is usually used as fuel in the dynamic modeling sector.

castor oil's first pressure throughout Italy, for all uses.

Castor oil comes from the homonymous officinale plant: the best quality is in the first pressure.

called Xilol or Xylene is a colorless liquid substance, (mix of vegetable garden meta para methyl-toluene or vegetable garden for para-dimethyl-benzene).

Xilol or xylene is mainly used in cytology and histology. It is used as a reagent for pathological anatomy and as a solvent in processing and staining protocols.


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